1.What is crowdfunding

It’s a way of raising funds from your friends, family, individuals, corporates, organisations who like to donate for a cause like child education, women empowerment, sanitation, pure drinking water, community development, or for medical emergencies ,typically via the internet

2.For whom we can raise funds

Funds can be raised for your family members, friends, colleagues , known people or for your community where the funds are required for a good cause.

3.How to raise funds?

Prepare a list of friends, relatives and colleagues and forward the campaign link via email, message ,facebook , whatsapp etc and write a personal message requesting to donate for the cause and ask them to forward it to their group of friends and relatives till the goal amount is met.

4.How do we receive funds after the campaign is over?

Contact us at for withdrawal request and provide the recipient a copy of govt id proof, address proof and bank details such as bank name, ifsc code and account number. Within 2 weeks the amount will be credited after deduction of platform , credit/debit card and gst charges .

5.Are mydonations eligible for tax benefits?

Donations made to registered NGOs with 80G can avail tax benefits. Once the donation is made we will request the NGO to issue the tax eligible receipt to you.

6.Can we withdraw the funds before the campaign ends?

Yes you can withdraw the funds partially depending upon the requirement of emergency campaigns.